Trust Abapa Susu Account

This is a savings/ Susu mobilization account specifically designed for traders, market men and women who want to save on daily basis by making small deposits which are collected at their doorstep and deposited into their account.

Trust Savings Account 
This is an individual savings account that has multiple levels of competitive interest rates, your money works harder for you.  The more you save, the more you earn.

Trust Current Account
This is a non-interest bearing individuals account, designed to offer the basic day-to-day banking needs, as well as the flexibility of using a cheque book.

Trust Kiddy Account
This account is designed to help parents / guardians /trustees save gradually towards their child’s future and education. It’s a unique savings account for children between the ages of 0-17years.

Trust Business Current Account
This is an interest bearing current account specifically designed to offer business institutions (SME), churches, associations and professional institution the flexibility of banking.

Trust Business Savings Account
This is a savings account designed to target businesses, churches, clubs, associations and institutions. To help them cultivate the culture of savings.

Trust Flexi Investment Plan Account
This is an investment account that offers individuals the opportunity to switch from a pro-expenditure lifestyle to a wealth creation lifestyle. Minimum opening balance of GHc 50.00

Trust Special Fixed Term Deposit
This product is a high yielding investment account for clients who do not have immediate use for their funds and can invest for a period of time to yield returns higher than the existing Treasury bill rates.